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Common Problems that Can Affect Your BMW

For over 100 years, BMW has produced some of the finest luxury cars in the world. But while these German cars are fast and super enjoyable to drive, they do suffer from their fair share of problems. If your BMW is experiencing any of the following issues, call the certified technicians at Euro Solutions in Cary, North Carolina, to resolve the problem immediately.

Oil Leaks

One of the most common problems BMW owners have reported is their luxury car leaking oil. Oil leaks tend to occur at the transmission or valve corners. A faulty fuel pump could also be to blame. Schedule an auto repair appointment immediately if you notice a puddle of greasy-looking brown liquid gathering under your BMW.

Steering Wheel Shaking

Another issue that BMW drivers have experienced is a shaky steering wheel. This problem is most common in BMW 3 models. The steering wheel may start to vibrate or even shake while you’re driving your car. Not only is this problem annoying, but it can also be dangerous. Generally, a shaking steering wheel is caused by a bad thrust arm brushing, which is an essential component of your car’s suspension system.

Failing Cooling System

Over time, your BMW vehicle’s cooling system can experience several issues. The most common complaint is an overheated engine. This can be caused by a coolant leak or a failing water pump. Since the cooling system is vital to your BMW’s drivability, this problem should be addressed right away. Schedule an automotive repair appointment at our BMW repair shop if you think your BMW’s cooling system is having problems.

Electric Windows Fail to Shut

While this last BMW problem won’t put you in harm’s way, it can be highly aggravating when your electric windows fail to shut. This can reduce both your comfort and security if you leave your car parked somewhere.

Cary’s Trusted BMW Service Specialists

Call the certified mechanics at Euro Solutions in Cary, North Carolina today if your BMW has one of these issues. Our highly-skilled technicians will fix your German car in no time at all. To book your appointment, call us today at 919-443-0602.

Written by Euro Solutions