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5 Mercedes-Benz Problems All Owners Should Know About

Since 1926, Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing some of the most remarkable luxury vehicles in the world. Hailed for their power and performance, Mercedes vehicles have almost everything you could ever ask for. However, Mercedes-Benz cars are not without their issues. If you drive a Mercedes, here are the five most common problems that affect these cars. If you think your car has one of these complications, call the experienced Mercedes repair specialists at Euro Solutions in Cary, North Carolina today.

  1. Air Suspension Failures
  2. One of the most frequent complaints from Mercedes-Benz drivers has to deal with faulty air suspensions. The luxury automaker first introduced air suspensions to its models in 2000. However, over 20 years later, Mercedes vehicles still suffer from air suspension bag and relay problems.

  3. Engine Misfires
  4. Another common problem we see in Mercedes cars is engine misfires. This happens when the engine’s combustion reaction isn’t working properly and a cylinder remains unfired. You might experience a loss of speed or stumbling when a misfire occurs. Engine misfires in Mercedes often happen in high-mileage vehicles with over 100,000 miles.

  5. Bad Catalytic Converters
  6. The catalytic converters in Mercedes can get clogged or are ineffective. Some Mercedes-Benz owners have reported that their car’s catalytic converts begin to wear out after 60,000 miles. Normally, catalytic converters will last for 10 years or longer. If your catalytic converters fail, you may experience engine delays or misfires.

  7. Oil Leaks
  8. The Mercedes-Benz electronic transmission system is extremely fragile. As a result, these cars are prone to oil leaks. If you notice your Mercedes leaking oil, schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop.

  9. Transmission Troubles
  10. While Mercedes cars have a robust five-speed transmission, they are still susceptible to transmission issues, including problems with the 13-pin connector and valve body.

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Written by Euro Solutions